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Making Dreams Come True

Ojila Tororo Isaacs

Founder & Creative Director

Ojila Tororo Isaacs is a Namibian sought-after event designer, with over 10 years of experience, designing events with flair, innovation, and craftsmanship. Having an eye for detail, Ojila designs events with passionate imagination to transform clients' dreams into reality, leaving them with timeless memories. 

A master's graduate of Stadio University, and an avid global traveler, Ojila is able to blend in the facets of business management and international exposure into event planning and design. 

Ojila, under the ambit of Aries Events, has featured on the scenes of Namibian corporate functions, weddings, and children's events. 

Beyond her tremendous success as an event expert and designer, Ojila is an entrepreneur, caterer, and the face behind Flexi.hrservices as the Human Resources Doctor. 

She continuously exceeds expectations with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination, and innovation to create unique event settings within the event industry. 

Ojila lives in Windhoek with her family.  

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